Business Process Optimization

In today’s information age economy, organizations are under pressure to optimize their everyday processes to stay competitive. The availability of information and documents – regardless of their format or origin – are at the heart of these workflows. With IDMT’s document management and content management solutions, everyone with secured rights can access the information needed such as accounting records, HR records, technical drawings, among others. With all these capabilities, you and your team can e-mail quickly, reliably, and securely, wherever you may be.

The successful introduction and use of these systems in any organization require different aspects of a software solution. The first and most important aspect is the scalability of the system, how well it can accommodate different organizational units of varying sizes. Whether it’s for central, inter-departmental applications at headquarters, or for smaller project groups that are working remotely – the solution must meet all of these needs.

The ideal solution must have a simple decentralized or centralized administration, customized user groups, and offer features that are easy and intuitive to use for a wide range of users. It must also give multiple locations and remote employees a way to seamlessly synchronize their information in order to maintain data consistency throughout the organization, and no matter where mobile users might be, they need to have access to the system’s entire functionality.

Regardless of the format, documents are the key vehicles by which information flows through your organization’s key business processes. We have found that when we can streamline the flow of this information, we can have a tremendous impact helping you increase profits, improve your competitive advantage, enhance customer service, reduce legal liability and ensure regulatory compliance.

Electronic Forms Processing

Whether you need to capture forms or create forms, the Electronic Forms Processing solution transforms streams of forms and documents whether structured or unstructured, and complexity into process-ready data. Information can be extracted from data fields, converted to electronic format, and delivered to business processes by using intelligent capturing, and automatically enter the information to any ERP system you are currently using. Therefore, eliminating any data-entry. Also, by creating the forms electronically, you eliminate misplaced or lost documents and streamline the billing process from the field with the ability to utilize electronic signatures.

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